MMA Bobblehead


Happy Holidays everybody! I am really happy to bring to you my new line of MMA Christmas/Holiday ornaments!  The holiday ornaments are a miniature replica of the MMA Bobbleheads that I currently make. These ornaments are also handmade and hand painted. They take much longer to make than the bobbleheads because of the meticulous painting that is involved. When I came up with the idea to make these, I was really reluctant to start this project because, at the time, EVERYONE was saying "no" to me for the bobbleheads!  I was getting rejected left and right, so I was really torn when it came to starting a WHOLE NEW project. I am so happy that I ended up moving forward with these MMA ornaments because they're really great!  I'm happy that the day has finally come where I could share these with you! I hope that you like them as much as I do! 

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