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Chuck Liddell
Chuck Liddell Chuck Liddell Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell

7 inch-bobblehead


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Note from Creator:

This Chuck Liddell model took a lot longer than expected. It took about 6-7 months. I wanted to honor and respect this iconic moment as much as I could. That meant working out all the details to the best of my ability. I wanted it to be perfect. I am very pleased with the way it came out, and I hope that you enjoy it too! A couple of things that I wanted to point out....Check out the details on Chucks teeth and the icicles on his waist. All hand done! I am really proud of the work that went into this bobblehead. Thanks for checking us out, and if you can let other MMA fans know about MMA Bobblehead, I'd really appreciate it! Enjoy your Chuck Liddell "SCREAM".

-Dave Manley



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