Brian Ortega

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Note from Creator:

So I was watching UFC 222 by myself at a local bar where they show the fights. I was really looking forward for Brians fight with Frankie because I knew this was going to be his toughest test yet. I also knew that this fight with Frankie had the potential to be something great! Little did I know that Brian would finish him in such a glorious manner. That elbow followed by the uppercut was absolutely vicious! When the photo came out the next day of Brian connecting with that uppercut, and Frankie’s face all mangled, I knew right then and there that I HAD to make this bobblehead next! I knew that his hair would be a challenge, but I really wanted to try to do it. I got in touch with Brian THAT week and asked him if it was ok if I just started working on the art. I really hoped that he’d be into the idea, but even if he wasn’t I STILL wanted to make it! Ha! Like I originally thought, the hardest part of this project were the braids. It took many attempts to get the braids just right, but in the end, they came out perfect. I had to actually count each of the braids that he had in real life and replicate it on the bobblehead, because it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted if I did it any other way. 

Brian has been such a pleasure to work with. One of the things that came out of making this bobblehead that I’m REALLY proud of, is the commercial. He’s such a great guy, with so many great hobbies and talents! I wanted to make a commercial that showed his fans a little peek into Brians life. So we spent 2 days together taking photos and hanging out. The commercial that I made is a montage of those two days, and I hope that it tells a little story. A story of family, friends, love, hard work, and dedication. I really am proud of both the commercial and the bobblehead. It is also made with dedication, love and passion. I hope that you enjoy it too. 

Thanks for your continuous support. It means so much to me.



This is a handmade and hand painted collectible. All MMA Bobbleheads are numbered, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Each run is limited to the quantity made. Once the fighter bobblehead is sold out, that's it. Each bobblehead is unique to the fighter and memorializes a pose that was especially crafted for them. This piece of MMA  memorabilia is something to own for any serious MMA or UFC fan.