The Making of Dan Henderson

The Making of Dan Henderson

The Making of Dan Henderson

It starts here. Every single model is molded by hand. We break the mold by hand too. Once it cools, we trim the model. Then the sanding and polishing begins! 

Once the pieces go thru quality control, they are then primered, and then back to quality control again. Each model is checked out multiple times throughout the entire process. If something isn’t right, we pull it.

Each piece needs to be perfect before it moves to the next phase

When we see a blemish, a red sticker then gets applied with a little arrow to show where the attention is needed.

All the Dan heads look creepy like this!

Some early sketch work of what I wanted Dan to look like. I needed to be able to capture this pose and also make a sturdy model that wouldn't break. A LOT of work goes into that part! Bobbleheads don't normally look like this, and it was really challenging! My whole goal for the Dan model was to be realistic but also  fun and "cartoony" as well. 

This is the first day that I ever met Dan. It was a great day for me because not only is Dan my favorite fighter, but he was the inspiration behind this whole idea. I'm really happy in this photo because Dan said that he wanted to move forward the project! Man, that really was a great day!