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The Making of Chuck Liddell

The Making of Chuck Liddell

Making Chuck's model/bobblehead took a bit longer than expected because I wanted to really honor Chuck with this recreation. When you think of Chuck's career and all of his accomplishments, this pose burns into your memory right away. I wanted to get it right. Getting it right meant not only getting the pose right, but it also meant getting the shorts right, getting his mohawk right, and the emotion right. I think that we accomplished that. When I say "we", it's because Chuck worked on this project with me from the very beginning. Working with Chuck has been an absolute blast, and we are both very happy with the final product. I really hope that you enjoy your Chuck Liddell bobblehead made by MMA BOBBLEHEAD.COM 

Chuck's heads before we polish them for the primer. I love seeing the heads like this! Super creepy 

We HAND PAINT each model. We make sure that the colors are true and we are as precise and consistent as possible.  




SPRINGS! What a pain the butt springs are!  

 The final step before attaching the head!

 The Chuck Army!! We really hope that you like the models. If you do, could you give us a quick review on our website or social media? We are a very small company, and would appreciate the nice words. 

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